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Being a classical mistress in the high-end field of BDSM for more than 15 years, I am well aware of the multiple options as well as technical challenges that wonderful world offers. I like to share that knowledge and experience with interested couples and curious beginners, who are willing to discover new areas in the world of BDSM or like to widen their private spectrum.


Individually designed communication with both partners is important for me to get to know your needs and desires as well as understand your unique communication before we actually start exploring new fields of BDSM that might have always interested you.

I also very much support and appreciate the idea of contacting a professional and experienced lady like me before experimenting with possibly dangerous techniques that might be hard to master on your own. So apart from technical advice, I am sure, that my ideas and inspirations will foster any open-minded relationship to blossom anew.


So we will carefully explore new fields or intensify and spice up known topics together, and I do have an understanding for possible fears or reservations. I only ask you for honesty and truthfulness when contacting me to ensure an inspiring and successful communication and cooperation.

That way, the sensuality of a unique moment and the ever renewed encounter of two people can be experienced for long-term couples or curious beginners in another inspired way and I am happy to help guiding that direction.

So I am looking forward to reading or hearing from you!

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