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I am a passionate and engaged mistress and perfectionist by conviction,

living and striving for innovation, brilliance and variability

by consequence and demand.

So I adore and aim for the perfectly designed aesthetics of an innovatively staged session as well as the finesse and challenge of each individual fantasy

revealed to me in confidence.

Conceiving the game of dominance and submission as my preferred form of artistic

expression of complex individuality, I understand it as a language,

that can establish a way of communication, that is not only characterised by the sequence cascade of specific vocabulary, but in contrast to the spoken word more likely to open access for the essential being to the subconscious,

maybe only dreamt and never lived itself.

Fascinated and consistently surprised by the intensity of unique scenarios,

I believe in the immanent chance of a perfect moment in its indelible meaning

for each human being’s physical and emotional life.

With an assured sense of style and authenticity

I will lead you through the abyss and constraints of your conscious being

and provide your dreams with the ever new essence of experience in reality.

Dare to discover the darker side of your phantasies and broaden your horizon

under conscientious and responsilbe guidance of my gentle but pervading eyes!


I also welcome beginners, couples and especially women with understanding, intuition and empathy.


Sessions are offered in fluent English or German as well as French.

Privat fetish:

Corsets of all kind, latex, fur, collars and high heels



Extravagant and creative scenarios

Authentic role play

Classical discipline & communication training

Overnights and long term treatments

Latex sessions and mummifications

Breath reduction and golden showers

Original Japanese Shibari

Bondage in all forms, chain suspensions

E-play, violet wand

Spanking, flagellation, bastinado

CBT, wax and spikes

Medical play

Rectum inspections and enemas

Needles and water play

Catheterisation and bladder irrigation

Feminisation and maid training


Foot and shoe worship, trampling

Pony- and petplay

Adult baby service



Sexual intercourse & any intimate contact

Brown showers, scat



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