W. from Vienna (fetishist):

„Lady Xara ... is an impressive personality

full of youthful curiosity and delight in playing

combined with ever again surprising wisdom

and astonishingly experienced judgement ...

as well as adorable beauty,

which she plays to the gallery

always anew.

H. from Stuttgart (slave and connoisseur):

„Lady Xara transforms

even the most sterile appearing location into her very own stage

and creates a unique world,

where I can enjoy the moment oblivious to all around

and completely let go of everything...

and merciless and consistently

she defies every conventional stereotype

and always leaves me...

with the shivering expectation

of our next meeting.

For personal arrangements

you can reach me 

every day

between 12 am. and  8 pm.


Mobile:  +49-(0)160-96819662

Email:  lady.xara@email.de


New guests are welcome:

fridays between 2 and 10 pm.


       saturdays between 1 and  9 pm.

at Studio Avalon


The next level of performance art:
Venus 2018 Berlin
Impressionen von der
Venus 2017 Berlin