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Medical specialist Dr. Xara

As a very well experienced clinician I can definitely say

that the white room offers ever again unique opportunities and exciting challenges.

After a precarious interview regarding any medical history I will certainly identify any neurological, physiological or psychological problem and start an adequate and eclectic therapy, based on classical clinical diagnostics such as reflex monitoring or digital rectal examination.

I certainly have a special interest in any technical innovation of medical instruments and the specific variety of electric diagnosis and therapy, no matter if wired up completely or only teased with the violet wand. Any breath control or inhalation therapy also fascinates me,  maybe well combined with a heavy rubber treatment

or mummification.

So I specialize in long term treatments, being always sensitively concerned with your well-being

but also taking delight and specific interest

in your suffering.

Languages spoken:

Fluent English, German

Therapeutic spectrum:

  •  Authentic medical scenarios

  • Overnights and long term treatments

  • Latex sessions and heavy rubber

  • bondage restriction and segufix

  • Water games and golden showers

  • Breath reduction, inhalation and odour therapies

  • E-play and violet wand

  • Rectum inspections and training with the fucking machine

  • Catheterisation and bladder irrigation

  • urethral and electrical sounding

  • Enemas and medical clyster

  • Needles – soft to extreme

  • Mummification

  • Partial or full body plastering

  • Venus 2000

  • Adult baby service

  • Forcible tube feed

  • Sessions with erotic nurses

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