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For long-term educations and incarcerations I prefer the absolutely authentic athmosphere of the Residenz Avalon.

Adequate consequence and strict training characterize that very special experience. So your darkest phantasies can be realized in this outstanding location, and real submission and education can become daily reality.


The inner true nature of a servant, slave or sissy can be explored experiencing incarceration in the classical imprisonment cells, the dark hole or various cages, embarassing questionings are held in the interrogation chamber and ritualized punishments can be staged in the great hall. Schoolboys get the adequate education in the historic class room, physical states can be examined closely in the clinics and improved in the private 500m2 outdoor area. If all tasks are completed you might even enjoy my mercy in a nice swim in the river havel or rest near the chimney in the evening.


Trainings, educational stays, incarcerations or complex schedules are possible starting from six hours to theoretically unlimited duration. The tribute depends on the length and intensity of the education and is therefore individually agreed upon. Please send your inquiries and questions to my email. You will then receive a general questionaire, so that I can individually plan your stay and make your dreams come true.     

Impressions of the location Residenz Avalon:
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